Special Needs Podcasts: Patreon Page

December 2, 2018


Special Needs Podcasts

Announcing the launch of a Patreon page for the special needs community!

Its purpose is to disseminate important and useful information to those who work with or care for anyone with special needs via special needs podcasts. One of the biggest problems faced by this group is not only a lack of certain resources, but also the lack of a knowledge base on how to access and use the resources that are out there. Most parents and caretakers of PWSN are forced to reinvent the wheel every time they seek answers about where to look or who to contact to resolve a particular need or problem they have. This page offers a solution to that problem.

Gilda Evans is creating a series of special needs podcasts

dealing with all sorts of topics and issues, from education, to government benefits to housing and almost everything in-between. Many of the special needs podcasts will include guests that come on to share their particular expertise. Every now and then Gilda will also be producing podcasts in Spanish on certain topics. Check out the free podcasts, and then support this important work by becoming a Patron! Here’s the link: https://www.patreon.com/GEspecialneeds


Entrepreneur, producer, director, author…and most importantly, proud mom! If you’re curious, you can find out more on my website at www.gildaevans.com or follow me on social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.



If I Need Help makes wearable iD and offers a free Caregiver controlled special needs registry for our loved ones who may wander or need assistance in a critical moment.