For Parents of Newly Diagnosed Children

May 25, 2018

If I Need Help has asked our friends who have adult children with special needs to share with us “3 things I wish I knew when my child was first diagnosed that I know now” Todays contribution is from Debra Muzikar with important recommendations for Parents of Newly Diagnosed Children. I Need Help makes wearable iD and offers a free Caregiver controlled special needs registry for our loved ones who may wander or need assistance in a critical moment.

Three Recommendations for Parents of Newly Diagnosed Children

By Debra Muzikar, mom to three Children, Kevin has autism, and co-founder of the Art of Autism nonprofit.

Join a Support Group

Other parents, especially parents who have shared a similar journey, can give you emotional support and insights into navigating systems that are complex. I joined a therapeutic parent support group when Kevin was only 3 years old.  I learned so much from an older mom whose son was 8 years older than Kevin.

Practice Gratitude

Through your child a new world will open with many new people and situations you’d never think you would experience. This can be a gift and is certainly an incredible journey.  Many people who have come into my life because of Kevin (therapists, educators, other parents, and paraprofessionals) have become life-long friends. Kevin’s diagnosis has made me a much more compassionate and better person.

Protect Your Child’s Privacy

Many school districts and governmental agencies may ask you to sign HIPAA forms. Don’t do it! I made a critical mistake in signing a form that I should not have and the school district used the information against Kevin. Also, don’t post embarrassing things on Facebook and Social Media about your child without their permission.